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So, what setting will enhance the diamond’s brilliance and keep it secure? In other words, what is the proper place in the home for the wife? This question has been incorrectly divided from the Word of God for centuries. We are told to rightly divide the Word (see 2 Timothy 2:15), and this subject has been so unrighteously divided by religion that it has caused a tremendous weakening of the household, the home, and consequently, of the protection, deliverance and salvation of the people who make up those homes. It is true, because of the natural order in the physical realm on this earth, that the husband is placed as the head and covering of his wife—that's what head means, “the leader, the covering, the protector.” (See Ephesians 1:22, 5:23-29.) However, as we will see, it becomes clear that the wife is the head of the functioning of the home. All families have an aspect of business to them. There are certain things that must be handled. Timetables need to be run. The kids need to go to school, practices and appointments. Groceries must be bought. Household items need to be secured. There are certain logistical operations of every home. Essentially, a family is an institution of humans that has to be organized. People like to think that a “loving family” only needs its members to love one another and everything else will fall into place. That may be partially true. Love is the power that makes everything work. But there are a multitude of logistical issues in a family to be dealt with. This means a wife must be multifaceted. Think about the cut of a diamond. The diamond’s cut is a style used when shaping a diamond for polishing. An example would be the highly valued “brilliant cut.” The brilliant cut is a diamond cut into a shape with numerous facets to create exceptional brilliance through the gemstone. The multifaceted cut provides maximum light return through the diamond so that its shine is magnificent. Did you catch the significance of that? The most desirable and valuable diamonds—including the one in your household—are multifaceted to provide maximum light return! As you continue this study, keep this principle of the multifaceted cut in mind. The Proverbs 31 Woman Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Body of Christ has no idea what God's description of a really is. They even read Proverbs 31 all the time, and still have no clue. There are books and messages galore about the Proverbs 31 woman, but as we dive into the subject of a “virtuous woman,” you may be shocked by what it actually means. Most of these teachings are vastly incomplete at best and blatantly incorrect at worst. If you ask the average member of any church what the characteristics of a virtuous woman are, most of the time you will hear words such as chaste, timid, quiet, meek, godly, pious, soft-spoken. But what does virtuous really mean? In Hebrew, which is the language used to write the book of Proverbs, virtuous means: “a force, whether of men, means or other resources; an army, wealthy, virtue, valor, strength, able, activity, army, a band of soldiers, or a company; great forces, goods, host, might, power, riches, strength, strong, substance, train as in training of a soldier, valiant, valor, virtuous, war, and worthy.” Did you hear anything indicating soft-spoken, demure, quiet, pious or chaste? Those words aren’t there. As a matter of fact, this very word translated virtue is the same word that was used to describe David’s mighty men of valor. The words valor and virtuous are translations of the same Hebrew word. That is how God describes a wife! No wonder her price is far above rubies. No wonder she's the diamond. 24 : BVOV

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