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June 2018

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The ministry has become a learning center that is available to anyone the Lord connects with us—anyone who desires a deeper understanding and application of the Word of Faith to their lives. We have tapped in to every available resource of communication technology to make God’s Word readily accessible. And in August, KCM takes yet another major step toward fulfilling God’s mandate when it launches Kenneth Copeland Bible CollegeTM. With a mission to serve as a world-class institution of biblical higher education, that provides skillful Word-of-Faith-based instruction with integrity and excellence, KCBC looks to perpetuate the knowledge and understanding of the walk of faith by application of God’s Word and His Spirit for the work of the ministry, according to KCBC chief academic officer, Dr. Tony Erby. Its vision is to see students well-trained and skillfully operating in the fullness of God’s Word, so they are equipped to teach others to do the same with faith, integrity and excellence. “The rich heritage of faith that is Kenneth Copeland Ministries, is the foundation of Kenneth Copeland Bible College,” said Erby. “Our curriculum is focused on developing a real-life faith that will equip every student with practical tools for ministry and life, as well as spiritual depth and maturity. Students will discover what it means to embody faith, integrity and excellence in ministry through a curriculum that is experiential by design, combining both classroom and learning opportunities outside the traditional academic setting. “Small classes, practicums and mentoring will provide students with a strong foundation for ministry or continuing their education,” Erby added. KCBC is an accredited member with Transworld Accrediting Commission International, a federally recognized, nonprofit, church educational organization designed specifically for biblical institutions. Serving the Christian education community for over 30 years, Transworld oversees more than 1,000 institutions, including schools, seminaries, universities, colleges, and institutes in the United States and internationally. With an overall purpose to promote academic excellence and accountability, Transworld provides documented evidence of compliance with standards of structure and governance, material resources, policies, faculty, and curriculum. Its philosophy is to demonstrate accountability to the consuming public for education obtained in nontraditional, evangelical educational institutions. KCBC is receiving applications for the fall semester. Classes begin on Aug. 27, 2018. ---------------------------- During a recent interview with BVOV magazine, Dr. Tony Erby, KCBC chief academic officer, fielded questions about KCBC and what students can expect. BVOV: How is KCBC different from other Bible colleges? DR. ERBY: In some ways, we’re similar to other two-year Bible colleges in that some courses are standard. What makes us unique, is the fact that KCBC represents 50 years of heritage-of-faith teaching, so classes are taught through that heritage and not just from a historical perspective. Also, KCM represents a legacy of honor, integrity and excellence—values that are extremely important to instill into KCBC students. We provide that foundation and much more through classroom instruction, as well as practical, hands-on training and impartation, so that students are prepared for ministry or to further their education. BVOV: Why did KCM decide to start a Bible college? DR. ERBY: This goes back to Brother Copeland’s mandate to get the message of faith out using every available voice. We’ve done that through cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, radio, TV, the BVOV magazine and books. The significance of KCBC as the newest available voice is that we now have 50-plus years of Kenneth Copeland Ministries which is a very significant heritage of faith. KCBC is about imparting our heritage of faith to others—teaching them about things like prosperity and healing, the authority of the believer, and who they are in Christ that can be perpetuated worldwide with the excellence and integrity that KCM is known for. BVOV: What courses will be taught? DR. ERBY: Among the core courses being offered are: Faith to Faith, Old Testament and New Testament Survey, The Life of Christ, Christ the Healer, Prayer, The Holy Spirit, The Blessing, The Authority of the Believer, Revival History, and Your Family in Ministry. Electives include Budget and Finance, Bible Study Methods, Personal Evangelism, Business and Marketplace Leadership, Biblical Counseling, Worship Ministry, Mission and Outreach, Media in Ministry, Aviation in Ministry, and Crisis Response and The Church. ******** Q & A continues on p. 4 ********** BVOV : 3

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