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FEB Table of Contents “Growing up, our house was filled with [the Copelands’] books, tapes, CDs and magazines. I knew from an early age that God’s Word does not return void.”—Terry P.16 “Every issue, these testimonies are the first thing I read!”—J.A. / Texas * * * * * * * * * * * 4 Faith Won’t Work in an Unforgiving Heart by Kenneth Copeland Forgiveness is a core value in a Christian’s life, because it frees us to live victoriously by walking in love and exercising our faith. 10 Child of Promise by Melanie Hemry After suffering three miscarriages, Hannah Minor received a prophetic word from Brother Copeland at the 2016 Southwest Believers’ Convention, that she would have a healthy baby within a year. She and husband Terry Minor Jr. received and confessed that word and stood in faith until Terry Minor III was born, May 26, 2017. 18 Dream Big, Talk Big and Turn Your Faith Loose by Kenneth Copeland Faith that impresses God is available to every one of us through His WORD. He sent His WORD to heal us and to deliver us. The WORD became flesh—in the person of Jesus—and lived among us. In Him, in God and in The WORD is life. 23 When You’re Tempted to Quit! by Jerry Savelle Abounding in the blessings of God is a result of being faithful to Him and to His Word and refusing to quit! 26 Open the Door by Gloria Copeland Faith is like a door or a window in the realm of the spirit. It gives God an opening to move and change things supernaturally in your life. You can access the supernatural power of God to go to work on your behalf by standing on His Word in faith. FEATURES 13 Read Through the Bible 16 Good News Gazette Real-life faith triumphs 31 Commander Kellie’s Corner by Kellie Copeland ************************* Gloria and I consider PARTNERSHIP a very sacred thing and are convinced that the principles of partnership are KEY TO VICTORY in these last days. Partnership can change your life! Visit or call to find out how! 1-800-600-7395 (U.S. only) Get your free subscription ------------------- 1-800-600-7395 (U.S. only) Spanish edition signup Pass this magazine on to a friend. It’s a great way to recycle! Facebook // Twitter // YouTube Pinterest // Instagram // Google+ In print since ’73 : VOL. 46 : No. 2 BELIEVER’S VOICE OF VICTORY VOLUME 46 NUMBER 2 February 2018 BELIEVER’S VOICE OF VICTORY is published monthly by Eagle Mountain International Church Inc./Kenneth Copeland Ministries, a nonprofit corporation, Fort Worth, Texas. © 2017 Eagle Mountain International Church Inc. aka Kenneth Copeland Ministries. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written permission is prohibited. BELIEVER'S VOICE OF VICTORY and the JESUS IS LORD globe logo are registered trademarks of Eagle Mountain International Church Inc./Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Printing and distribution costs are paid for by donations from KCM Partners and Friends. Printed in the United States of America. Because all BELIEVER’S VOICE OF VICTORY issues are preplanned, we are unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts. Director of Marketing and Communications/Cindy Hames Managing Editor/Ronald C. Jordan Assistant Editor/Debby Ide Writer/Gina Lynnes Proofreaders/Jean DeLong Michelle Harris Karen Wirkkala Senior Designer/Michael Augustat Project Manager/Deborah Brister Type Coordinator/Joyce Glasgow BVOV : 3

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