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Reaching the Unchurched Part of Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ mission is to preach the Word of God on every available voice…and that’s not just referring to “media voices.” One of the powerful voices KCM has had for over three decades has been our ministry to bikers. 1990 A Divine Appointment Our ministry to bikers jump-started back in 1990 by divine appointment. A representative of the Full Gospel Motorcycle Association International asked if they could hold a motorcycle rally on the grounds of Eagle Mountain, at the spacious headquarters of Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Kenneth and Gloria loved the idea and along with Jerry Savelle and Jesse Duplantis, joined in ministering to the hundreds of bikers at the event. The next year, the Wings of Freedom Rally increased dramatically, drawing more than 2300 people. Beginning in 1992, KCM became the sole sponsor of the event and began what would be known as the Eagle Mountain Motorcycle Rally. The event that year attracted more than 4,000 people from 45 states and six nations for a weekend of ministry, fellowship and fun. By 1994, attendance revved up to 13,000 and in 1995, it was 15,000! As a result of Mike Barber Ministries’ involvement and the favor we had with prison authorities, services were broadcast live by satellite to 87 of the 104 Texas state prisons. This gave more than 150,000 men and women the opportunity to hear the uncompromised Word. And at the Rally’s Sunday service, 1,106 people waded into Eagle Mountain Lake to be baptized. In 1996, according to the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department which controlled the bumper-to-bumper traffic, over 40,000 people attended the rally over the course of the weekend. On April 2, 1998, the Lord instructed Brother Copeland to cancel the rally, which he did immediately. “On the morning of Thursday, April 2, I was driving to the television studio to minister on the daily broadcast with Dr. Edwin Cole,” Brother Copeland would later say in announcing the end of the rally. “On the way in, the word of The LORD came to me and said, ‘Cancel the ’98 Motorcycle Rally.’ At this point in time, I have no direct explanation from God as to why. I believe that sometime in the future He will reveal it to me. However, I do not need to know why in order to obey the Holy Ghost…. This ministry belongs to Jesus, and He is the Boss.” V [caption:] Kenneth Copeland conducting a water baptism service at Eagle Mountain Lake 2 : BVOV

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