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They didn’t have the money to go on daily television. They also didn’t have the personnel, the equipment or a studio. But what they did have was that one word from God. And they had their faith. That was all God needed! Reaching Around the World! Those early efforts to get the uncompromised Word of God onto daily television were a resounding success, and laid a solid foundation for KCM’s television ministry. Kenneth explains it so well: “So how did we jump from weekly television to a daily broadcast? By faith. We meditated The WORD. We confessed our success. We built our faith. We called those things that be not as though they were. We did all the same things you’ll have to do to reach your next faith goal...we looked to God. As always, God was faithful to His WORD.” Produced by the KCM television department, the "BVOV" broadcast is often a newcomer’s first glimpse into KCM’s mission to “preach the uncompromised Word of God through every available voice from the top of the world to the bottom and all the way around.” The "BVOV" broadcast helps believers grow in the things of God by teaching and introducing them to the Word of God. From there, the teaching materials and connections with KCM bring them to a deeper understanding of God’s Word and the practical application of spiritual principles for everyday life. Today, "BVOV" is broadcast a total of 779 hours per week all over the world to more than 450 stations, six days a week. With a potential viewership of over 885 million, it’s reaching areas like Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Puerto Rico, Eastern Europe, South America, New Zealand and, of course, the U.S. Through the GOD Channel, "BVOV" is being broadcast to viewers in France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Norway and the United Kingdom. On the continent of Australia, the broadcast reaches 70 percent of the entire population. And, the "BVOV" weekly broadcast is being aired in Spanish all across Latin America and the U.S., as well as Puerto Rico, Spain and Portugal. In 2013, 75 television stations in the U.S. began broadcasting "BVOV" in high definition. The broadcast is also in HD 24/7 at and through streaming. One of the biggest additions to the TV ministry to date came in 2015 when KCM launched the Believer’s Voice of Victory Network (BVOVN), a faith-based TV network offering 24/7 programming of the Word of God taught by a hand-selected group of today’s most trusted Bible teachers. These include Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, George and Terri Pearsons, Mac Hammond, Joel Osteen, Keith Moore, Bill Winston, Keith Butler, Andrew Wommack, Billye Brim, Kenneth Hagin Jr., David and Nicole Crank, Gary Keesee, and many others. Starting with 14 million potential viewers on Dish® Channel 265, BVOVN now has more than 1 billion potential viewers with more ways to watch via streaming, including, Roku®, AppleTV®, YouTube® and Amazon Fire TV. BVOVN is not supported by advertising. Instead, the network relies solely on the generous offerings of its viewers. Television is powerful. Its signal knows no boundaries, it obeys no civil authorities. It reaches the darkest, most remote locations on earth. And it transformed KCM. God has displayed His glory through the "BVOV" television ministry. And Kenneth and Gloria, by their faith and the faith of their Partners and Friends, continue to preach and teach, bringing God’s people to their place of strength in this earth—from the top to the bottom and all the way around! V OTHER FACTS & EVENTS 1971 & ’72: "The Word of Faith" and "The Prayer Group" broadcasts 1979: Sunday broadcast 1982: First world Communion service via satellite 1989: Daily broadcast 1993: Broadcasting in Eastern Europe 1995: Satellite service into prisons in Texas, Oklahoma and Canada 2000: Webcasting broadcasts 2006: Spanish Sunday broadcast ENLACE 2011: Broadcasts in Russian and German 2015: BVOVN **************************************************************** ********** ADVERTISEMENT ********** Hear the uncompromised Word 24/7 from ministers you can trust! bvovn BELIEVER’S VOICE OF VICTORY NETWORK REAL. LIFE. FAITH. watch on: dish® CHANNEL 265 apple tv® 4th Generation Roku® YouTube® amazon fire TV facebook Apple® iOS Android ****************************************** BVOV : 3

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