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March 2017

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Kenneth Copeland’s Partner Letter In a world filled with counterfeits, the Partners of Kenneth Copeland Ministries have had something genuine to count on month after month, year in and year out for the past 31 years: "Kenneth Copeland’s Partner Letter." It’s timely, it’s real and it’s personal…because as far as Brother Copeland is concerned, he’s writing to his closest friends. Kenneth Copeland learned the importance of letter writing from his spiritual father, Oral Roberts, who, after explaining the importance of writing letters to his partners, told Kenneth: “I want you to commit to God that every 30 days, for the rest of your life, you will pray in the Holy Ghost until you have something anointed to write to your Partners, just the way Paul wrote to his.” “From that time until now,” says Kenneth, “I’ve written a letter every month to my friends who are in partnership with me. They aren’t money-raising letters. I don’t write them for that reason. God is my source, and He meets all my needs. I write the letters because I want to bless my Partners. Since they are partakers of my grace (Philippians 1:7), I want to share with them the revelations God has given me. “I agonize over those letters. I pray, and pray, and pray and pray. Then I go back to prayer until I hear what’s on God’s heart. 2 : BVOV

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