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March 2015

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A Special Message From Kenneth & Gloria Over the years, Kenneth Copeland Ministries has received some extraordinary assignments from The LORD to help establish His kingdom on earth. And our covenant relationship with you, our Partners and Friends, has been key to the fulfillment of all He has asked us to do. As 2013 drew to a close, The LORD spoke to us that the new year would be one of victory over death and manifested love for the Body of Christ. And 2014 was just that! We stepped out in faith for God’s BLESSING in every area of ministry—television, Internet, publications, products, meetings, prison ministry, music, prayer and personal contacts. And as we pressed forward, with you standing alongside us in partnership, we experienced God’s fullness of victory and love in great measure in everything we did! So that we can share with you what happens when we join together in partnership, we’ve chosen to prepare an abbreviated edition of the "Believer’s Voice of Victory" magazine this month and, along with it, send you our 2014 Covenant Partner Report. This report, which covers ministry activity throughout all of 2014, shows the impact we’re having around the world as we cover the earth with God’s WORD! Throughout this report, you will read how The LORD has worked through your covenant partnership with us to reach and change the lives of countless men, women and children all over the world! We praise and thank Him for all the great things He has done! And we also thank you, Partners! Through your faithfulness to hear and obey God’s Word and follow His instructions, the power of our covenant relationship is working to establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven! Next month, look for the "Believer’s Voice of Victory" to return in its entirety. Kenneth and Gloria *************************************** The Power of a Grateful Heart by Kenneth Copeland I was mad at my legs. I was mad at the devil and anyone who came near me. And I hadn’t slept in days. It was just after Labor Day 2004, and I was at the height of one of the most intense battles for healing I’d ever fought. A few days earlier I had ruptured a disc in my back. It felt like a toothache that was 4½ feet long—from my hip to the tips of my toes. During my life, I have been beaten up, shot, thrown off horses and run over with cars…but never had I hurt as bad as I did at that moment. All I wanted to focus on was the pain and getting free of it. God met me in it, but in a very different way than I would have imagined. 2 : BVOV

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