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Dear Partners and Friends, Oh, how we love Christmas! Of course, we celebrate Jesus every day, just as you do. And at this special time of year, the ears and eyes of people around the world are focused on our LORD, and opportunities abound to bless people in His Name with our “Merry Christmas” greetings. Let’s keep our ears and eyes open, and let God show us whom we can bless in special ways during this season. As we simply follow His direction, we will speak words and take actions of kindness throughout the Christmas season that will bless people above and beyond appearances. They will be blessed by God who loves them. If each of us does only one thing to bless someone, we will become a human expression of peace on earth and goodwill toward men, as the Spirit demonstrates the love of God through us. Through our words and actions, they will realize that they are the reason He gave His Son. Glory to God! As this year of great grace draws to a close, we go into 2014 with the power of grace continuing in our lives, and with our great faith expecting days of heaven on earth. In these Kingdom days, our focus in the spirit will be on speaking what we hear our Father say and doing what we see Him do! Again, opportunities will abound to “give them Jesus!” We believe you will enjoy this Christmas issue of Believer’s Voice of Victory. We have prepared each article with the prayer that you will receive new levels of revelation into the plan of God for the world He loves so much, and your part in the plan. We can’t think of a more magnificent time to be alive than right now! And, as always, you will be in our hearts and prayers when the Copeland family gathers this Christmas. As we gather to give and receive our gifts, laugh and sing together, and sit down around our Christmas dinner table, you will be with us in all our celebrating. We will join hands and thank our Father for you—our worldwide family of Partners and Friends—declaring you have a blessed Christmas and a glorious New Year! We love you! Merry Christmas! Kenneth & Gloria

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