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Sept 22

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********* ADVERTISEMENT ********* Commemorating 50 Years: "God’s Will for You" by Gloria Copeland Gloria Jean Copeland has changed my life forever through her steadfastness in The WORD of God and her unconditional love. Because of her understanding of the things written in this book, and her unwavering faith, she has been the fulfillment of what God said to me in Tulsa while at Oral Roberts University during a time of prayer: 'She [Gloria] is precious to Me. I gave her to you, and she is to you what temper is to steel.' Without tempering, steel is brittle and worthless as an instrument of strength. But once it is tempered by oil and heat, it becomes viable and strong. Tempering makes steel valuable. God gave me Gloria Jean Copeland, and she is the most precious thing that ever happened to me. Her steadfastness, encouragement and love have kept me from breaking in difficult times. If you will receive it, the things she shares in this book will help keep you from breaking in difficult times. I believe "God’s Will for You" will go on influencing and changing lives long after Gloria and I have gone on to glory. It is a precious commodity for the Body of Christ and will live on in the archives of great books because it was, and is, a revelation of the will of God for you! [signed] Kenneth Copeland "God’s Will for You" 50th Anniversary Edition by Gloria Copeland now $14.99 reg $17.99 #B220901 1-800-600-7395 (U.S. only) FREE standard shipping included. Offer price valid through Sept. 30, 2022 _________________________________ 2 : BVOV

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