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p The Word Came Alive l sion) ,I ed oor ne to nd t as ng y OV over d y tily s. he ears r a om atly the God s. es h, for was 2011, ects. nd I have been following Kenneth Copeland Ministries since about 1997—listening to you on the broadcast, reading the BVOV magazine and books, listening to CDs, etc.—learning about and getting to know my heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I never knew I was so loved and protected! I will be 72 years old this year. Growing up, I heard about God. But I never knew Him! Through KCM's teaching I've come to know that even the holy angels of God work for me, and I can tell them what to do by the Word of God! I also learned to take Communion in my house, as I need to! I have a prayer journal and most of my prayers are answered. I will always follow your teaching. The Word of God came alive in my life and in those close to me through your teaching. Since 2000, I still read From Faith to Faith and Pursuit of His Presence every day. We have an awesome God! My financial breakthrough came through KCM's prayers. Thank you. You are all in my daily prayers. L.L. | Kenai, Alaska I Have More Faith Each Day To make a long story short, I have lost the most important earthly thing in my life—my family. Over the last few months I have been through so much that at one point, I thought about ending it all. That night as I sat contemplating my life, I turned on Daystar, and Jeremy Pearsons was teaching about "rest." I sat there and listened to him, and I felt better. I came back the next night and listened again. By the time his teaching was done, I had repented and rededicated my life to my Lord Jesus Christ. I am still dealing with my mistakes, but as each day passes I have more faith than the day before. My sin was against my family, and when this came to light, I knew I had done wrong. I have given my problems to the Lord and pray that somehow my family can forgive me. I know Jesus has forgiven me, thanks to the Word of God and your ministry. C.A. | Idaho 'My Faith Is Stronger Than Ever' I lost my 19-year-old son in a car accident in 2008, and I began to lose my faith in God. I was heavy with grief and sorrow. But, I found a good church and watched you every day. My faith became stronger than ever and I felt God Gave I became a alive once again. I Me a Salary Partner last found peace, joy, Increase month, and strength and love. God immediately opened the Thanks be to God gates of heaven to pour out and ministries like His favor and blessing on me. yours. Behind the fact that many PHILIPPINES S.H. | Nevada 5_13 gng2.indd 15 Miraculously Unharmed! Since I became a Partner with KCM, I pray the Partner scriptures along with Kenneth's voice on the CD every day. I was in a car accident last fall that was quite serious—my car was hit by a big 18-wheeler, and twisted and turned through four lanes across the freeway. The car was a total loss, but I walked out of it without any pain or hurt. The emergency doctor told me that I'd most likely have soreness for a few days, but when I went home I called my pastor for prayer, and I also listened Prayer is our priority. +1-817-852-6000 24 hours a day, seven days a week. to Gloria's Healing School from the 2008 Great Lakes Convention, which I have on iTunes. No pain or soreness ever came into my body! I visited my doctor for a follow-up, and I still had no pain. Glory to God for His wonderful protection! Thank you for all the resources you provide for your Partners. V.K. | Los Angeles, Calif. I Was in Prison I am so thankful for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. You helped me when I was way deep in the pig pen years ago and I mean way deep. I was in prison. I got hold of the From Faith to Faith devotional and then began ordering everything I could read. I am a Christian and minister today. Thank you! R.M. | Michigan My Brother Is Saved Thank you for joining me in prayer about my brother. He is now saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. God is good. S.O. | North Carolina Surgery Not Required A few weeks ago I rang you for pray er for healing as I did not want to unde rgo surgery for the rem oval of gallstone problems. You pr ayed in agreeme nt with me that I would no t undergo surgery . Then you sent me a let ter with a booklet Receive as a Child, Live Lik e a King. I went to the hosp ital at 1:30 p.m. tod ay and was out by 1:5 0 p.m. The consult and surgeon now say I don't need surg ery. Praise God! Caroline B. | North ern Ireland nurses in Saudi Arabia are losing their jobs, God gave me a 20-percent increase in my salary. Thank you, KCM, for imparting the Word. Thank you for agreeing with me in the prayer request I sent, that God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). M.C. | Philippines 3/26/13 11:27 AM

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