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REAL PEOPLE. REAL NEEDS. REAL VICTORIES. T GoodNewsGazette "Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart." (Psalm 37:4, New King James Version) Jesus Changed My Life! Her Kidneys Are Healed! Thank you for praying. Praise God for 100-percent healing of my kidneys. In June, I went into acute kidney failure. KCM was contacted for prayer and my kidneys began to function again. I had gained nearly 30 pounds because of their failure. They are now normal and I have no damage to my kidneys. Praise God. L.F. | Saskatchewan Healed of Cancer My wife is healed of cancer. Doctors have done all the tests and it has stopped. Praise God! G.M. | Canada Healed Watching the Broadcast One night, I had gall bladder problems and was in pain. The next morning, as I was watching the broadcast, I was totally healed. Praise the Lord! L.B. | Canada We Owe Nothing! Hallelujah! Thank you for praying regarding a situation with Revenue Canada advising us we owed them $15,000. It has now been cleared up and we owe them nothing! C. and M.W. | Canada I am currently an inmate in Santa Rosa, N.M., and was locked down in segregation for 18 months. About four hours after I was released from segregation, I was involved in a fight and put back in. I had no physical contact with my wife and daughter this whole time. I am expected to be in segregation even longer now because of the fight. I was so depressed I didn't care what happened to me anymore. Luckily for me, the first person to walk by my door was the prison chaplain. He could tell that I was not in a good mood so he just slid one of your Believer's Voice of Victory magazines under my door. I didn't have anything else to read, so I picked it up and read it front to back. I read about how through our Lord and His Son, Jesus, I could have a better life. I have never been a very religious person, but as I prayed the salvation prayer that was in your magazine, I felt like everything was going to be OK between my prison time and my family. I only have about three years left in prison. I am going to take advantage of the new life I have through the Lord, and I know it will be better. Thank you so much for helping me see what I was missing. Jesus has definitely changed my life. T.M. | New Mexico We Speak in Agreement! We are praising God for the protection we experienced last week. A tractor battery blew up in my husband's face. He had no burns—only a little ringing in one ear that was gone in three days—hallelujah! Thanks for teaching us about speaking protection (Psalm 91). Praise God for the ministry of angels who are busy helping us as we speak in agreement with His Word! S.D. | Ohio My Son Is Finally Home Thanks to you all for your prayers. After serving 30 years in prison, my son is now home and adjusting very well. He is a born-again believer—glory to God! P.D. | Louisiana Denial Turned Around I just want to say thank you for your prayers. Last month I received a letter regarding my admission into college. I was denied. So, I sent the letter to the ministry and I'm happy to inform you that I got another email saying that I have been accepted into the program. The people who denied me the first time are the same ones who accepted me and offered me admission. Thank you for your support and prayer. May the Lord bless you all. JESUS IS LORD! N.Y. | Canada 5_13 gng2.indd 14 Miraculously Freed From Addiction I have been reading your BVOV magazine since childhood (over 20 years). Recently, I was led to partner with your ministry as God has ministered mightily through you numerous times. I had been struggling with the spirit of nicotine for many years and felt defeated. I read your daily devotionals and made a commitment to accept only divine intervention for freedom from this habit. I was greatly encouraged with your personal testimonies in the devotionals as to how God freed you from cigarettes. I stood on the same principles and praised the Lord, in faith, for freedom. Praise the Lord! I was freed miraculously April 2, 2011, with no cravings or side effects. To Him be the glory, honor and praise. H.A. | Greece 3/20/13 3:17 PM si re C h I ab te G W h m ca yo F aw K L. I im th at as Je li n d Je ea b th h th Je an C 'M an g yo M st an ag jo lo G li S.

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