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Commander Kellie’s Corner A God Idea! This is my gift to You, Jesus. I give You ME! My life, my thoughts, 24/7, every beat of my heart, my skill, my talent, my good and my bad, my strengths and my weaknesses, I give to You now. My gift will be just as daily as Yours is, Jesus. If I begin to hold anything back from You, please show me and I will give it back. JUDGE: “to look at things, such as people, activities, actions, events, clothes, food (you get the idea) to decide if they are GOOD or BAD.” COMPARE: “to look at two or more of those things and decide which is BEST.” These words could mean other things too, but let’s call these the Commander Kellie dictionary meanings. Judge. Compare. “Is it GOOD or BAD?” “Is it BETTER or BEST?” We do it every day. We start comparing good and bad when we are babies and it doesn’t seem to stop. You may think, “Babies don’t judge and compare.” In some ways you are right. For instance, they may not be able to know if a food is good FOR them, but as soon as it goes into their mouths, they decide if it TASTES GOOD or BAD! How do you know? Their sweet baby faces will tell you! Watch out, when you see the face that says, “Yucky!” That food is about to fly! Snap! That little baby who can’t even talk has compared peas to bananas and judged the peas to be BAD even though they are actually GOOD for him. We can learn a lesson from those picky eaters: Babies don’t always choose the things that are actually good. You could think, I am not a baby, I’m a big kid and I know what’s good and bad! I could think, I’m an adult, I know what’s good and bad. Superkid, compared to the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we are ALL babies! Even Jesus said He doesn’t decide things on His own. He relies on the Father 100% of the time, for ALL decisions! Look at John 5:30, "Amplified Bible, Classic Edition:" “I am able to do nothing from Myself [independently, of My own accord—but only as I am taught by God and as I get His orders]. Even as I hear, I judge [I decide as I am bidden to decide. As the voice comes to Me, so I give a decision], and My judgment is right (just, righteous), because I do not seek or consult My own will [I have no desire to do what is pleasing to Myself, My own aim, My own purpose] but only the will and pleasure of the Father Who sent Me.” Jesus makes decisions only by what the Father tells Him is right. He doesn’t mind. The Father is always right, so Jesus is always right! This makes Him right about what is good and what is bad. Aren’t you glad that we are not responsible to KNOW good from bad without Jesus to tell us? Think about Adam and Eve. The serpent talked Eve into trying to know good and bad without God’s help. That turned out to be a huge problem! God already had a plan to help them know, just like He helped Jesus. Truly, Jesus wants to do the same for you. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are in charge of helping you and me know what is good and what is bad. He makes an important comparison in John 10:10-11, "New Living Translation:" “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd sacrifices his life for the sheep.” There you have it. Thief—bad, shepherd—good. If it’s good it comes from Jesus, if it’s not it comes from our enemy. Satan calls the bad, good and the good, bad. He will lie to you like he lied to Eve. Satan even lied to Jesus in the wilderness when he offered Him a “good deal.” “Turn the rocks into bread when You’re hungry; jump off a cliff if You are the Son of God; I’ll give You the kingdoms of the world if You kneel down and worship me.” It all sounds good, but the devil is a liar! That’s why it is so important that we decide to let Jesus judge our good and bad. If we don’t, it is too easy to listen to Satan, THE LIAR. Jesus will always tell you the truth and He will always bring you good things. There are so many things we could call good and bad; friends, habits, times, memories, subjects and these are just a few. Some seem so obvious, we might think we don’t need any help to say they’re good or bad, but we do! We always need help from our Savior! He knows everything about us and those who are in our lives, and He knows from the beginning, how our situations end. So what should we do? Give it all to Him! Whether you think it’s good or bad, let Jesus judge it. Let Him have the good. He will give it back to you even better than it was—a GOOD idea becomes a GOD idea, a GOOD friend becomes a COVENANT friend! And when Jesus says, “It’s bad, stay away,” do it! He will be there with you to make it all work out. Superkid, you can trust Him. If you want to live your life like this, the one thing you need to have is trust. Trust in His goodness and His plan for you, trust that He knows your heart inside and out, and trust that He knows the end from the beginning. As we pray our prayer, Superkid, remember, it isn’t only the good things and bad things we give to Him, but the authority to tell us which is which! So live your life to HIS fullest and HIS best good! Until Next Time, Stay Tuned! Love, Commander Kellie♥ Kellie Copeland is responsible for Covenant Partner Relations at Kenneth Copeland Ministries and is the developer of the Superkid Academy curriculum. Through her ministry and as “Commander Kellie,” she fulfills the mission of drawing people of all ages into a personal, growing and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. BVOV : 31

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