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August 2019

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Commander Kellie’s Corner Twinning & Winning * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This is my gift to You, Jesus. I give You ME! My life, my thoughts, 24/7, every beat of my heart, my skill, my talent, my good and my bad, my strengths and my weaknesses, I give to You now. My gift will be just as daily as Yours is, Jesus. If I begin to hold anything back from You, please show me and I will give it back. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * This is our Superkid Prayer for 2019! When we began this year giving Jesus our all, I didn’t realize how much it would change me! The more I give myself to Him, the more I SEE Him. The more I see Him, the more I know Him. Superkid, I would love to know how He is showing Himself to you. So, write me a letter! Jesus is doing such GOOD things in us all! Have you noticed that you have begun to trust Him more? If you started this gift-giving with me in January, you gave Him YOU—your life, your thoughts, your 24/7, every beat of your heart, your skill and your talent. When you give these to Jesus, you receive HIM—HIS life, HIS thoughts, HIS 24/7, every beat of HIS heart, HIS skill and HIS talent! Just stop and think about that for a minute. Let the truth of it sink into your heart. This is why He came—His life for yours. Now, as you trade YOUR life for HIS, you will begin to know His love for you in a real way. It’s a good time to go back and reread the messages I have written to you since January (if you can’t find the "Believer’s Voice of Victory" magazines, you can find all the Commander Kellie’s Corner messages at Tear or print the messages out and keep them in your Bible or notebook this year. Superkid, I know this is a turning point for you. This is a new season in your life. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you live or how good or bad your life is now. Jesus is calling you to a deeper place in Him. To go deeper we have to come closer to Him. Does come close mean to become perfect, so you are good enough to get near Jesus? NO! He has already made the first move and He chose to come close to us first! Now, it’s our turn to respond. Over and over in His Word we see the invitation to come to Him. When He wanted Peter, Andrew, James, John and others to be with Him, what did He say? “Come, follow me.” What did He say to Matthew? Let’s see what Matthew writes about himself in Matthew 9:9, "The Passion Translation": “As Jesus left Capernaum he came upon a tax-collecting station, where a traitorous Jew was busy at his work, collecting taxes for the Romans. His name was Matthew.” A traitorous tax collector? Surely, Jesus will tell him to go repent first and to come find Him when he is perfect enough to follow the Son of God. NO! That’s not Jesus at all! “‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said to him.” So what did Matthew do? “Immediately Matthew jumped up and began to follow Jesus.” Look back at how Peter and Andrew responded in Matthew 4:20: “Immediately they dropped their nets and left everything behind to follow Jesus.” What did James and John do? “And at once they left their boat and their father, and began to follow Jesus” (verse 22). Once they came in close, Jesus began to teach them how to live differently. The Bible doesn’t say that the disciples became perfect overnight. They made lots of mistakes! Jesus didn’t get angry with them. He was honest with them as He corrected them. He was patient with them when they missed the mark. They watched Him heal people. As they walked with Him, they learned what real love looked like. Jesus did more than teach them, He became The Faithful Friend. These friends of Jesus learned that being a leader meant being a servant because they EXPERIENCED Jesus being a servant. As He walked with them, He SHOWED them how to be like Him. This is how He wants to walk with us. He doesn’t expect us to perfect ourselves and then come to Him! He just calls us to come closer. When you accepted the invitation to give yourself to Him you began that walk with Him, but it doesn’t end there. The more you give Him your attention, the deeper into Him you will go! Even though our gift to Jesus this year has been purposely, one area of our lives at a time, just like the disciples, we are dropping other ways of living. We are living for Jesus every day and in every way. As we do, He is walking with us and showing us how to live our lives empowered by His Spirit and filled with His love. We are truly seeing Him live in front of us as we keep our eyes on Him. As 2019 goes on, our Superkid Prayer will take us so DEEP into Jesus that we look just like Him! Know what that means? WE’RE TWINNING AND WINNING! Stay Tuned! Commander Kellie♥ Kellie Copeland is responsible for Covenant Partner Relations at Kenneth Copeland Ministries and is the developer of the Superkid Academy curriculum. Through her ministry and as “Commander Kellie,” she fulfills the mission of drawing people of all ages into a personal, growing and powerful relationship with Jesus Christ. BVOV : 31

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