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'Believer's Voice of Victory' 45 YEARS IN PRINT Dear Partners and Friends: More than 50 years ago, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland stepped out in faith, boldly committing to answer the call of God to go around the world preaching the uncompromised Word of God, proclaiming His unconditional love for all mankind and declaring that Jesus Is Lord. And for the past 45 years, the "Believer’s Voice of Victory" magazine has been a major catalyst in helping to fulfill that God-given assignment. The first issue of "Believer’s Voice of Victory" was published in 1973 as a four-page newsletter and distributed to about 3,000 people. Since then, it has played a vital role in helping to bring believers from the milk to the meat of the Word and into full maturity in their walk with God. Today, the publication is a 32-page, full-color magazine distributed free of charge to more than 400,000 subscribers in 202 different countries and territories on five continents around the world—from Asia to Australia, from Europe to Africa, from remote islands in the Pacific to North and South America. Each month, "BVOV" delivers Bible-based articles on topics such as faith, love, healing, prosperity, righteousness, Redemption and the principles of victorious Christian living—all written by anointed ministers of the gospel like the Copelands, George and Terri Pearsons, Jerry Savelle, Jesse Duplantis, Creflo Dollar, Billye Brim, Keith Moore, Bill Winston and Keith Butler. Through these teachings, thousands have learned how to exercise their authority and rights as believers and walk in THE BLESSING God has provided for them in every area—from marriages and relationships, to health and finances, to ministry. When reports come of lives changed through the ministry of Kenneth and Gloria, "Believer’s Voice of Victory" has endeavored to share that good news, and let you know He will do the same for you. We’ve introduced you to people from all over the world and nearly every walk of life—people who have faced trouble, and dared to take God at His Word and believe Him for victory. They have been real people with real needs who experienced real victories at critical times in their lives—people who learned how to trust God and saw Him turn tragedy into triumph, defeat into victory, poverty into prosperity. We tell their stories to inspire and motivate you to a deeper faith and trust in God and to encourage you in your faith journey. Through their experiences, you have seen the greatness of God's love and how real people facing real needs can gain real victories through applying the truths of God's Word. At Kenneth Copeland Ministries, we take God's Word as final authority. The "Believer’s Voice of Victory" is committed to keeping that Word at the forefront of your thinking—teaching you how to live victoriously so you are rooted and grounded enough to overcome your own adversities, reach out to others, and share those same principles. As we continue to bring you inspiring teachings, revealing truths and strong testimonies of God’s life-changing power, we trust you will allow the Word to energize you to the point of renewal, refreshing and blessing. Just as a single word from God has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands over the last 45 years, one word from God will do the same for you. Thank you, Partners and Friends, for your support of "BVOV" over the last 45 years, and for your faithful prayers and support for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. Ronald C. Jordan | Managing Editor 2 : BVOV

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